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Entrepreneur FAQ:

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Q: Can I use slides or a video during the Fast Pitch Competition?

A: We require one slide as a background visual for the audience. It should have your company logo, company name, your name and position, but nothing else. To stay true to the Fast Pitch concept there are no additional slides or videos allowed. If you have 60 seconds in an elevator with an investor they are going to want to hear from you, not watch a video, and you certainly won’t have a pitch deck!

Q: How will the Fast Pitch competition work?

A: Each company will have 60 seconds to pitch their product or service and, equally important, themselves.

Once the 60 seconds are up the judges will have the opportunity to ask the entrepreneur a couple of questions and the entrepreneur will be able to briefly respond. After all 10 pitches, the judges’ points will be tallied to determine the winner of the Fast Pitch Competition!

Q: What criteria are the judges considering?

A: Judges’ scoring is based on your company’s value proposition and fundability, plus your pitch presentation.

Q: What should be included in my 60 seconds?

A: You should include: what your product/service is, why it is unique, what problem or desire it solves or fulfills. You need to say enough to get an investor to accept a meeting, not have the meeting.

Q: How established does my company need to be to be eligible to pitch?

A: There is no hard and fast rule, but your company should be more than an idea. If your company is centered around a product we recommend at least a prototype and if your company provides a service we recommend having some customers.

Q: When are applications due?

A: Applications are due by 5:00PM Sunday January 16th, 2017.

Q: When will I know if I am selected as a finalist?

A: We will announce the finalists during the last week of February.

Q: Is there a map showing parking structures and parking options?

A: Here is a color PDF MAP download of the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. It clearly illustrates where the parking structures are located relative the the event theater. You can look it over or print it to take with you: your choice.

Download Parking Map

Q: Is there a parking fee?

A: Yes, this is a vibrant and busy center where a parking fee is required: click to download that information.

Parking Information

Q: What will I learn in the open coaching sessions?

A: Tech Coast Angels believes that every entrepreneur needs to be equipped with a Fast Pitch to catch investors’ interest. At the open coaching sessions, Tech Coast Angels investors will work with every applicant to create a tailored Fast Pitch.

Q: Will the winner of the Fast Pitch Competition get funded by Tech Coast Angels?

A: Because Tech Coast Angels Members invest individually there is no guarantee of funding. However, a spot will be reserved for the winner at the next screening session to start the funding process with Tech Coast Angels. Even if your company does not win the Fast Pitch Competition we still encourage you to apply for funding on our website.

Attendee FAQ:

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Q: Will tickets be sold at the door?

A: We encourage you to buy your ticket ahead of time. Our event has a capacity and once it is reached, ticket sales will end.

Q: How do I learn more about becoming a Tech Coast Angels member?

A: Tech Coast Angels members come from all industries and are experts in their fields. To become a member of Tech Coast Angels you must be an accredited investor and approved by the Tech Coast Angels membership committee. Those interested may fill out an application by going to our website or contact to come experience a screening session.

Q: How do I apply to present at a Tech Coast Angels screening?

A: If you have a company and want to be considered for funding please apply on our website

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